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Blue or brown eyes? Blood type A or AB? Do you think coriander tastes like soap? We’re all different, and the genetic basis of this individuality lies at the heart of our chromosomes, at the heart of our DNA.

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Computer search dna

Hunt for variants

A new variant is here!

Find the differences, their impact and trace the evolution of the coronavirus.

Covid-19 Your turn to play

Banana Split

Looking for marbles!

The goal of this activity is to discover the concepts related to comparative genomics and, specifically, the quest for orthologs... with marbles!

Banana Split Your turn to play



It’s your turn to discover what the descendants of dinosaurs have become!

Chickenosaurus Your turn to play

Ancient Greek mysteries

What does their DNA tell us?

Who were their ancestors and what did they look like?

Ancient Greek Mysteries Your turn to play

Cancer (r)evolution

Cancer: a story of evolution

Discover different representations of the evolution of cell populations!

Cancer (r)evolution Your turn to play

The Gift of Genes

Sushi, baby bottle and vegetarian menu

Some examples of horizontal gene transfers in evolution.

The gift of genes Your turn to play
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